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Super Fiberglass Anti-skid Tray


The glass fiber material imported from the United States is used for the super high quality fiberglass Impact resistant, with all the characteristics of ordinary FRP,Durable and practical, service life ratioother trays are much longer and are very popular in the catering industry.

Super Plastic Anti-skid Tray

本產品耐腐蝕性強不易變形,破裂。產品防滑表面 經久耐用,不起泡、不脫落、其注定會成為餐飲業 中的最佳托盤, 一種堅固耐用的托盤

This product has strong corrosion resistance and is not easy to deform and crack. Anti slip surface Durable, not foaming, not falling off, it is destined to become the catering industry The best pallet in the,A strong and durable tray

Snack Tray

快餐盤經濟耐用,能夠承受快餐運作當中頻繁使用, 產品表面帶有漂亮花紋,能掩蓋劃痕,并且能防止 盤碟和杯子的滑落,獨特的分隔支點 能使空氣自由流通,使盤子快速干燥。

Fast food plates are economical and durable, and can withstand frequent use in fast food operations, The surface of the product has beautiful patterns, which can cover up the scratches and prevent the plates and cups from slipping,the unique separation fulcrum can make the air circulate freely and make the dish dry quickly.

Chopping Board

適用圓菜板時,請先用最上層菜墩板,每當最上層 菜墩板用舊用壞后可用刀沿固定套外表面的透明 去板線紋進行切割、上層菜板即可取掉,下層新菜墩 又能繼續使用,既方便又耐用。

Please use the top plate first when using the round board, When the top plate is worn out, it can be cut along the transparent lines on the outer surface of the fixing sleeve, and the upper plate can be removed, The new vegetable pier in the lower layer can be used continuously, which is convenient and durable.



The company is located in Yongkang, the capital of hardware in China. It is an export-oriented enterprise specializing in the production of hotel supplies. Its leading products include polyethylene non-slip tray, high quality non-trace non-slip tray, fiberglass non-slip tray, fast food tray and other hotel supplies. Our products are sold all over the world and have been exported to more than ten countries and regions.

The company introduced a full set of imported equipment, launched the latest product - special excellent fiberglass anti-slip tray, completely imported raw materials, high impact resistance of fiberglass made, to ensure years of use without any problems. The company covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters, the actual capital force is abundant, the employee more than 100 people, the senior technician three people, in order to meet this full of vitality market demand, strive to keep pace with the international trend, the company in Guangzhou and other places set up the sales company. Honesty is our business philosophy, and customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit.


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